Dec. 29th, 2008

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- In some places I'm billed as Chet Newman, but it's still me. I was adopted when I was nine, but I took back my real last name when I reconnected with my biological family.

- I've been in more bands than God, but Road to Ruin is the only one I've ever been in that's worth remembering, 'cause it's the only one I was in that cut a record. Two, even.

- RtR still has a pretty big Vegas, if someone calls themselves a 'Roadie,' it means they're a hardcore fan.

- RtR has a bar named after it...I co-own it. Big surprise, right?

- As a session player, I've actually appeared on two top twenty hits in the last four years doing rhythm.

- As a studio troll, I've ghost produced about four indie records locally in the last ten or twelve years. I can't help it, I love to hang around and pester the engineers.

- I gamble for fun, and it shows in my music. RtR's two biggest hits, "Aces Wild" and "Full House, Empty Soul" are about blackjack and poker respectively.

- When I first started out, I was sporting the hair metal look. Fortunately, few pictures exist of me during that period, but knowing my parents? Yeah...there's blackmail material out there.

- To finally answer the age-old question: yes, that is a set of handcuffs incorporated into the Road to Ruin logo. It's...kind of an inside nod to some close personal friends of mine.

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