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1 - Caffeine...past, present, future. It's bad for me, I know it...don't preach. And I don't do that frou-frou Starbucks shit, either. You gimme the stuff cops drink, that sludge so thick it doesn't need a cup and I'm a happy man. If I absolutely can't make my own slop? I'll drink Peet's Coffee. If it's good enough for Henry Rollins, it's fucking good enough for me.

2 - Smoking, which I'm trying to quit. Seriously. The patch was shit, but the gum's actually helping.

3 - Johnny Cash, this would be an obsession. I'm on a kick right now, you know? I'm just in this place, creatively, where I wanna rip out a guy's heart and show it to him. You don't get much bloodier, metaphorically speaking, than "Folsom Prison Blues" and don't you dare try to tell me otherwise.

4 - Cards, an obsession and an addiction, I think. I'm not a compulsive gambler or anything. Shit, I don't even like to gamble very much. It's the game I love, the cards themselves. Power trip, I guess. There's a beauty to watching the scenarios unfold before you, seeing potential spread like a net and coalesce into a single point of light that is the present. Card tricks are cool, too, but the parlor tricks just ain't up my alley.

5 - Jack and coke...addiction. I hardly ever get drunk anymore, but if I'm gonna? It'll probably be too many Jack and cokes. I love the taste, and unless someone stops me? I'll just get wasted.

6 - Ibanez, past obsession. I was heavy into the brand for a while, but my dad bought me the end all and be all of guitars: an Ace Frehley edition Gibson Les Paul. I mean...first? Ace Frehley, motherfuckers! Second, I really, really dug the humbuckers. So I got stuck on Gibson, have been ever since.

7 - Music, eternal obsession. Period. It's my medium. I can make crazy things happen with a guitar and a stage, and that? That's drugs right there. Dump the coke, sell off the speed, whatever. I'll keep my nose, lose the tracks, and just play until I fucking fall down dead.

8 - Pepsi. Addiction. Wanna see how much pop I drink? Check my clothes size...I could stand to lose a pound or two, but I can't get enough of the crap.

9 - Dai Vernon. Obsession. The man fooled Houdini, for fuck's sake!!

10 - People...humans. Addiction and obsession. I can't help it, they're my stock in trade.

Chet McCabe
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