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Name:Chet McCabe
Birthdate:Apr 17
Location:Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America
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Born in Chicago, Illinois, the only thing Chet McCabe ever knew about his mother was the fact that she named him before dying in childbirth. With no father and no family, Chet became a ward of the state. Adopted by the Newman family when he was nine, Chet kept in touch with his friends at the orphanage until moving to Las Vegas a year later, where contact dwindled as the young man began to undergo some drastic changes in his life. When he discovered a strange awareness that made him impossible to beat while playing games with his friends, he went to his new parents with heavy trepidation.

By sheer luck, Chet, a child of Pandora, had been adopted by parents in the Fraternity of Light. With some research, the Newmans discovered the identity of Chet's parents and helped him connect with some distant cousins within the order. Given the choice to rejoin his family, Chet instead changed his name from Newman back to McCabe and remained with his parents as he learned more about his gift and the order.

In time he learned to use his ability properly, a gift known as card manipulation. A skill similar to escapology, Chet's power allowed him to understand the nature of probability, odds, and objects designed to be ruled by such. Just as an escapologist understands the nature of locks and restraints and can manipulate such, Chet's power allowed him to understand and manipulate odds. Be it cards, dice, roulette, or any game of chance, Chet's power allowed him to see all odds and select the occurrence of those he wishes to see. He's also capable of manipulating playing cards and other objects in this same fashion, making him a master of card and close up magic.

Although his adopted parents both worked in the fields of magic and stagecraft, Chet pursued magic only as a hobby. Developing an interest in music as a boy when his parents bought him a guitar for his 12th birthday, Chet grew into a gifted guitar player and formed his first band in the sixth grade. Deciding on music as a career early on, he pursued his goal with a single-minded focus that spurred him on from garage band to garage band, and finally into a steady stream of jobs as a session musician with a local Las Vegas recording studio. On the side, he joined a small string of fly by night bands, garnering a brief moment of local fame in a group of his own creation. Utilizing his recording connections, Road to Ruin released two official albums and became a local cult sensation.

After the band dissolved in 2004 to pursue other interests, Chet continued to write and record in his spare time, while still gigging as a session player and occasionally hitting the clubs with fellow musician pals to jam. After marrying and divorcing his college sweetheart within the span of a year, the pair remained friends and even opened a club at the New York New York Hotel...and after hooking up on a regular basis, had a daughter together as well. The club was named after Road to Ruin, and the bar is not only a mecca for fans of the band, but a low-key Fraternity hangout and plays host to some of Vegas's best indie acts. Still a local legend thanks to his RtR days, Chet remains something of a local celebrity, a father figure to aspiring musicians, and an active member in his local chapter of the Fraternity of Light.
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